Me and my stuff in LEGO format

In 2009 I received a multi-tool as a gift. It quickly became an everyday staple for many of hands-on, interactive projects I worked on. The blade is adept at prying parts open, the body improvises as a hammer, and the pliers can grab onto hot parts. The multi-tool quickly became part of my everyday-carry, and in turn became an embodiment of my versatility as a problem-solver.

The tool was a wingman in my pursuit of a degree in Interaction Design. Practicing human–computer interaction with a solid foundation of computer science has allowed me to contribute a user-centric perspective towards complex technical issues — and a technical viewpoint to complement user needs and requirements. I have a knack for bridging user and system, and contributing throughout the product lifecycle.

I draw on industry experience from telecommunications (wireless, IoT), transportation (car-share), heavy industry, and SaaS verticals. Over the years I’ve worked in roles from design, tech and product, and often draw from the experience and know-how to tackle a myriad of challenges.

Post-it sketches mini-series

Outside of work, you’ll find me on the occasional run, hike, or bike. I love to doodle and sketch, build mechanical keyboards, brew coffee and play table tennis. Though old hobbies like snapping LEGO, practicing photography, and tinkering with electronic components continue to burn strong.

Work Profiles

  • Design Technologist
    Merging toolkits from design and engineering
  • Product Manager
    Define and grow digital products and services
  • Technical Lead
    Breakdown technical requirements and concepts
  • Web Developer
    Building things using web-based technologies

Play Profiles

  • Folding Cyclist
  • Coffee and Keyboards
  • Onebag Traveler