My story starts with a multi-tool. A Leatherman Fuse. The 170 grams of steel I received as a gift in school quickly became an everyday staple for the hands-on, interactive projects I worked on. The blade is adept at prying parts open, the folded body improvises as a hammer, and the pliers have even discharged a flash capacitor. The multi-tool quickly became part of my everyday-carry, and also embodied my versatility as a problem-solver.

Consequently, this fueled my pursuit of a degree in Interaction Design. Practicing human–computer interaction with a solid foundation of computer science has allowed me to contribute a user-centric perspective towards dry technical issues — and a technical viewpoint to complement user needs and requirements. I have a knack for bridging user and system, and also contributing throughout the project lifecycle. I also draw from experience in telecommunications (wireless, IoT) and transportation (fleet).

Outside of work, you may find me on the occasional run, hike, or bike. Touring places on bicycles is becoming a new travel-hobby. But old ones like building LEGO, practicing photography, and tinkering with tech continue to burn strong. Does cleaning the multi-tool count?

Work Profiles

  • Interaction Designer
    Thoughtfully connecting systems and users
  • Full-Stack Developer
    Prototype / Storage / Internet-of-Things
  • Solution Evangelist
    Value proposition and business modeling
  • Technical Lead
    Breakdown technical requirements and concepts

Play Profiles

  • Technologist
  • Folding Cyclist
  • Onebag Traveler