My name is Andrew and I’m a multi-disciplinary Designer currently located in the Greater Vancouver area of the British Columbia. I am a recent graduate of the Simon Fraser University’s School of Interactive Arts & Technology program with a BSc. in Interaction Design.

A little bit more about me

I listen to Electronic, Rap and R&B. My favorites artists include Daft Punk and Lupe Fiasco. I’m also a sucker for fighter aircraft, like the JAS-39 Gripen. Some of the blogs I frequent for inspiration include Treehugger, Smashing Magazine, Slashfood, and TheBrothersBrick. I enjoy tinkering with technology occasionally, especially rapid prototyping using the Arduino physical computing platform. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to beer and crabs. But I’m well versed with (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and bits of Action- and Javascript.

An Interaction Designer

As an Interaction Designer, I take a user-centric approach in my creative process, emphasizing the importance of bridging the gap between the human factors and technology. This is achieved using research-driven methods to understand and utilize the intended user/audience as a foundation to build upon. Additionally, I strive to be a multi-disciplinary practitioner who can utilize a range of platforms and tools, and produce in a variety of related fields like Information Design, Usability Evaluation and Web Development. I also have my sights on User Experience and User Interface Design.