This is the first project for the newly formed IAT338 Interactive Objects and Environments course. Our task was to create an information model regarding the article found in the August issue of Fast Company. An online version of that article can be found here.

Our approach was simple. Condense the article into a couple of key points and revolve around one of the themes presented in the article. And all this had to be solid representation of the article, as we intended to reach out to a wider audience- not just the ones who are familiar with the article. Essentially, what we want to say is that we all have a choice when it comes to how we get our drinking water.

The information model emulates the typical water-cycle diagrams found in science textbooks. This helps us show the complexity of bottling and its environmental effects when compared to just using tap water. The colors blue and green play well with each other and also illustrate a point- blue is just water but green on the other hand has eco-friendly measures.

The image below won’t do any justice, so you should view the Full Version (PDF).