This is a followup poster for the IAT333 Interaction Design Praxis course where we now look at our intended user group and attempt to create personas of them. Simply put, personas are fictitious characters that represent different user types within a target demographic.

This is my largest poster (as of February 2007), three posters that combine in at 54 inches in length and stands 2 feet high. I also got my first taste of Pantone colors for this project as advised by my printer. I decided to try a different approach as I normally prefer to stick with good layout and typography to achieve the visual aesthetics, and I’ve sort of built up a reputation of doing that.

Anyway, the basic idea was to show a desk that belonged to our two contrasting personas that we have developed. From there, we would decorate the desk with personal belongings from the two in an effort to portray their lifestyle. So each persona would occupy one end of the desk, with the middle reserved for a brief comparison of the two. Even though the project called for three individual posters, I felt that I’d let each poster bleed into the next to achieve some degree of coherence.

To pull it together, we placed an mood strip across where we could place photos to help set the mood of our persona. With this poster, we were able to express our understanding of the intended user group: University staff and discover opportunities for a design intervention.