This team project was assigned in IAT231: Visualizing Interaction and the objective was to develop an idea for a handheld device and then work out all the functionality details for that device.

The TRIMET (Tri-Country Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon) is responsible for the city of Portland’s mass transit system which includes buses, street cars and the light rail transit system. While most primary stations have information screens, looking up the schedule of a particular bus or trying to figure out which bus should on take is still a daunting task, especially during the evening or in harsh weather.

With that, we saw an opportunity for an inexpensive handheld device that functions as a transit pass, but at the same time is able to display information regarding the transit system.

Starting off, I created Mr. Generic and a scenario to put the device into action. This way, we get a better sense of what’s expected of the device and from there we can figure out all the necessary features that we will be covering during the interface design phase.

Moving on to the interface design, I started putting together screenshots of the interface. I wanted to take into consideration that the device would most likely use a very low resolution display- but at the same time, I felt that it was probably better aesthetically to stay away bit fonts for the presentation.

Lastly, final phase of this project was to create an informative poster display to present the product and idea, essentially putting together everything we have done thus far. Having constructed a scenario already, we figured that the best approach was to tell a story of how the device could be used- demonstrating its key features. This is done by carefully laying out the screenshots we created of the interface.

The end result is this ridiculously long poster (PDF) that would cost $160 to print on a single sheet of paper (we ended up tiling it to save money). We did a solid job in fleshing out the interface system and demonstrating the product in use.