SECRETSERVICE is a field agent who protects both the user and the drink. He was designed in response to an invitation to participate in the PaperJoes project, which aimed to sell coffee and let its customers choose their own packaging. The project was originally inspired by the designer toys produced by KidRobot, StrangeCo and the like and finally drew from many of the cute paper models found online.

I had previously helped develop the idea and template for Derek who ran the project. Starting with a milk carton concept and working our way towards a more flexible cup, or square-cup. The end result was a paper model that was relatively easy to skin, cut, and put together.

Inspiration for my character, or Paper Joe, came from many sources. I started with the idea to represent highly skilled knowledge workers to represent what we will become, and wanted to inject a feel of professionalism into my character. And then I added Horatio from CSI: Miami into the mix, resulting in SECRETSERVICE. Surprisingly, he was the quickest to sell out during the event, probably because he was a no-nonsense choice.